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The Summer Festival Survival List

Tis’ the season of blue igloo coolers, camping, sweat, and sun. This is a time of year when BBQ grills across the country fire up and fill backyards with the most wonderful smell of seasoned smoke and the sizzling sound of fresh steaks. Summer is just incredible, you can play guitar outside, the leaves are […]


Tony’s First Guitar

As I sit to write this weeks Tone Talk it’s 2:30 in the morning and I just got home from an awesome weeknight gig with the rock band that I play in, Power Wagon, and one of my other favorite local bands, Golden Grenade ( It was a phenomenal evening with good friends and great […]


The Song Writing Checklist

Welcome to the weekend Acoustic Letter followers!!! This week has felt like an eternity and I am quite happy that Saturday has finally arrived. Spring is starting to flirt with the idea of coming out of hiding this week here in Montana, and I am ready to welcome it with open arms. The days are […]


The Beauty of Luthiery

To see an instrument constructed from raw materials on up is one of the most incredible processes an instrument lover can witness. The pale spruce that hasn’t been sprayed with finish yet, the pure white binding gently placed in the routed channels soon to be cut flush, neck blanks waiting to be shaped and connected […]