Martin HD28 MV Custom Review

MSRP: $3899 MV PRICE $2999
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The Martin HD28 has long been one of Martin’s top selling guitars.  The scuttlebutt on the streets and among guitarists is that it’s the best SOUNDING Martin guitar too.  So with all of this great fan feedback for this legendary guitar, we decided to mess around with a good thing to see if we could make it even better. 

Yes yes yes, we know this experiment could have gone wrong in so many ways, but we have great news… IT WORKED!!!

Whenever someone comes into the store and plays the standard HD28 and then picks up the MV HD28, we always get a resounding “this feels really good”.

This is why we blew through the first shipment of our custom version of the HD28 faster than George Clinton goes through pink hair ties!!  But don’t fret…

We just got a few more in which is great news for you.

We wanted to give you the ultimate decision making tool by having Tony play all three of our in-stock MV HD28 guitars so you can choose the one that sounds best.  Watch the video above and call today.

This Music Villa exclusive Martin guitar is a power-house acoustic only available from Music Villa in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.