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Sitka Spruce vs Adirondack (Taylor 814ce Comparison)

Today, we take the very popular Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium and compare 2 models… one with a sitka spruce top and one with an adirondack top. Which do you think will sound better? Similarities: Grand Auditorium body shape East Indian Rosewood back & sides Expression 2 pickup system Venetian cutaway Rosewood pickguard Advanced performance bracing with relief […]


Comparison: Short Scale vs Standard Scale – Martin D-18

Today, it’s a Martin dreadnought battle as we compare 2 MV Custom D-18’s… one with a short scale and the other with a standard scale. Similarities: 14-fret Dreadnought body Sitka Spruce top (sanded thinner, .105″) Solid Mahogany back & sides Mahogany neck (low profile) Golden Era Style Bracing Upgraded beveled pickguard Black ebony bridge and fingerboard […]


2016 Taylor 500 Series GC 12-Stings (552ce and 562ce)

Introducing two new 500 Series 12-string guitars from Taylor. We’re very excited about these Grand Concert models. Both guitars are nearly identical with the exception of a Western Red Cedar top on the 552ce and the Tropical Mahogany top on the 562ce. Please note that the 562ce sold before today’s email but another is due in stock any day now! […]


X-Bracing vs Ladder Bracing – Bracing Comparison w/ Waterloo by Collings

Today, it’s a bracing battle as we compare Ladder Bracing vs X-Bracing with 2 Waterloo guitars from Collings. Similarities: Solid sitka spruce top Solid Mahogany back & sides V-Neck profile Adjustable truss-rod Ebony bridge & bridge pins Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay 1 3/4 inch ebony nut 3 on a strip tuners Differences: Waterloo WL-14 X TR: […]


Martin D-45 vs Martin D-41

Today, it’s a powerhouse Martin dreadnought battle… the Martin D-45 vs the Martin D-41. Which would you choose? Similarities: Solid sitka spruce top Standard 5/16″ scalloped X-bracing Rosewood back & sides Low profile mahogany necks White binding Bone nut & saddle 1 11/16 inch nut width Ebony bridge Gold closed-back tuners Same headstock overlay Abalone […]


Taylor GS Mini vs Martin Dreadnought Junior

We’re very excited about today’s comparison between the reigning champ of travel acoustics, the Taylor GS Mini, and the all new Martin Dreadnought Junior. Do you think the GS Mini can be dethroned? Similarities: Travel bag Low profile neck Strap buttons Closed-back Chrome tuners Solid sitka spruce tops Tusq saddle & nut Differences: Taylor GS […]


Resonator vs Open Back Deering Banjo Comparison

Today it’s a “Banjo Bonanza” as Tony compares the Deering Goodtime 2 (Resonator) vs the Deering Goodtime Classic (Open Back). Which would you choose? Similarities: 3-ply maple rim Nickel plated parts Goodtime tail piece Maple neck Fiddle-style peghead Black tusq nut (1 1/4 inch) Differences: Deering Goodtime 2 (Resonator): Blonde finish Guitar tuners Resonator back Price: $549.99 […]


Taylor 214ce DLX vs 214ce-K DLX Comparison

Today it’s a Taylor 214 DLX battle… the 214ce DLX vs the 214ce-K DLX. Does the Koa make a difference? Similarities: Layered back & sides Sitka spruce top Forward shifted X-bracing Full gloss body Expression System 2 pickup Mahogany neck Ebony fingerboard Tusq nut (1 11/16 inch) Chrome tuners Hard shell case Differences: 214ce DLX: Layered Rosewood back […]


Taylor 214 vs 214 DLX Comparison

Today it’s a Taylor 214 battle… the 214ce vs the 214ce DLX. Are you standard or deluxe? Similarities: Sitka spruce top Forward shifted X-bracing Ebony bridge Tusq saddle White binding Mahogany neck Ebony fingerboard Tusq nut (1 11/16 inch) Closed-back chrome tuners Layered rosewood back & sides Differences: 214ce Standard: Gloss top Expression System-T pickup Hard gig bag […]


Taylor GS Mini Standard vs Rosewood GS Mini

Today it’s a Taylor GS Mini battle… the standard GS Mini vs the Rosewood GS Mini. Which would you choose? Similarities: Sitka spruce top X-bracing w/ relief rout Mahogany neck 1 11/16 inch tusq nut Tusq saddle Plastic bridge pins Ebony bridge & fingerboard Chrome tuners Taylor’s hard gig bag Differences: GS Mini Standard: Layered Sapele back & […]


Martin D-45 vs D-42 Guitar Shootout!

Today we give you another powerhouse comparison… the Martin D-45 vs the Martin D-42. In your opinion, which sounds better? Similarities: East Indian Rosewood back & sides Sitka spruce tops Gloss mahogany necks 1 11/16 inch bone nut Bone saddle Differences: D-45: Standard scalloped X-bracing Hexagon inlays Abalone purfling throughout Closed gold tuners White binding Price: $8,249 | Product […]


Taylor 618 vs 818 Comparison – Which Sounds Better?

Today we give you another interesting comparison… the NEW Taylor 618e vs the NEW 818e. In your opinion, which sounds better? Similarities: Newly revamped (818e in 2014, 618e in 2015) Taylor’s Advanced Performance bracing w/ relief rout 1 3/4 inch Tusq nut Taylor’s Expression System 2® Chrome tuners Grand Orchestra body size Thinner finish Differences: Taylor 618e: Voiced […]


Taylor 614ce vs 814ce Comparison

Today we give you one of our most requested comparisons… the Taylor 614ce vs 814ce. Which would you choose? Similarities: Newly revamped (814ce in 2014, 614ce in 2015) Taylor’s Advanced Performance bracing w/ relief rout 1 3/4 inch Tusq nut Taylor’s Expression System 2® Differences: Taylor 614ce: Voiced for maple Maple back & sides Torrified spruce […]


Is Brazilian Better Than East Indian Rosewood? Let’s Find Out!

Today we try to answer a BIG question… Does Brazilian Rosewood really sound better than Indian Rosewood? What do you think? Similarities: These 2 guitars are identical other than the back & side wood… Sitka spruce tops Grand Auditorium body Advanced performance bracing with relief rout 1 3/4 inch bone nut Mahogany neck, standard carve and more Differences: […]


Martin 000-15M vs Martin 000-15SM

Today we compare 2 very similar Martin 000-15’s… the Martin 000-15M vs Martin 000-15SM. Which would you choose? Similarities: Small body Solid Mahogany back & sides Marado bridge & fingerboard Bone Saddle & Nut Ebony bridge pins Mahogany neck A Frame X-bracing Differences: Martin 000-15M: Standard Headstock Bone Nut (1 11/16 inch) Bridge string spacing: 2 1/8 […]


Taylor 522e VS Martin 000-15SM – 12-fret Mahogany Comparison

Today we compare a couple 12-fret Mahogany acoustics… the Taylor 522e vs the Martin 000-15sm. Which would you choose? Similarities: 12-fret Solid mahogany body 1 3/4 inch nut Slotted headstock Ivoroid button tuners Differences: Taylor 522e: Gloss Finish Ebony bridge & fingerboard Tusq saddle Ivoroid binding Tusq nut 24 7/8 inch scale length Martin 000-15sm: 25.4 […]


Gibson J-29 vs Martin HD-28 SS

Today we compare 2 of the most popular acoustic guitars… the Gibson J-29 vs the Martin HD-28 (short scale). Which would you choose? Similarities: Sitka spruce top Scalloped X-bracing Rosewood back & sides Mahogany neck 1 11/16 inch nut width 24 3/4 inch scale length Differences: Gibson J-29: Rosewood bridge Tusq saddle C-profile neck Rosewood fingerboard […]


Martin 000-18 vs 000-28 – Tone Wood Comparison

Today, we compare 2 very similar 000 models from Martin… the 000-18 vs the 000-28. It’s a rosewood vs mahogany battle. Which would you choose? Similarities: Body size (000) Sitka spruce tops (sanded thinner) Golden Era style bracing Low profile mahogany neck Ebony fingerboard & bridge Bone saddle 1 11/16 inch bone nut Open gear tuners Classic […]


Gibson J-200 vs J-100 – Which guitar wins?

Today, we compare 2 jumbo Gibson’s… a J-100 vs J-200. It’s a maple vs mahogany battle. Which guitar wins for you?? Similarities: Body size (jumbo) Scalloped X-bracing Sitka spruce top Vintage sunburst finish Scale length: 25 1/2 inch Rosewood bridge & fingerboard Differences: J-100: Mahogany back & side wood 40’s style bridge Bone saddle Art deco […]


Short Scale vs Long Scale – Guitar Scale Length Comparison

Today, Tony compares 2 almost identical Martin D-18’s with different scale lengths. Can a guitars scale length make a difference in tone? Similarities: Thinner sanded Sitka spruce tops Vintage style nuts Open gear tuners Golden Era style bracing Mahogany back & sides Differences: Short Scale (SS) D-18: 24 3/4 inch scale length 1 11/16 inch nut […]


Taylor BT1 vs BT2 – Hear a Difference?

Today, it’s one more travel guitar comparison… the Taylor BT1 vs BT2 (otherwise known as Baby Taylor 1 vs 2). Can you hear a difference? Similarities: Laminate sapele back & sides Mahogany neck (standard carve) with no heal Ebony fingerboard & bridge Nu-bone saddle & nut (1 11/16 inch) 22 3/4 inch scale-length Small button close-gear tuners […]


Martin LX1 vs Baby Taylor – A Travel Guitar Comparison

No, Tony didn’t become a giant… he’s just comparing 2 tiny guitars (or travel guitars). Today, it’s the Martin LX1 vs the Baby Taylor. Which one wins for you? Similarities: Both travel guitars Sitka spruce tops X-bracing 1 11/16 inch nuts Same tuners Gig bag Price: $299 Differences: Baby Taylor: Laminate sapele back & sides Mahogany […]


Taylor 114 vs 314 – Laminate vs Solid Wood Comparison

Today, it’s the ultimate Laminate vs Solid Wood showdown as we pit the Taylor 114 (laminate) against the Taylor 314 (solid wood). Is there really that much difference? Similarities: Sitka spruce tops Standard carve mahogany necks Ebony bridge & fingerboards Tusq saddles & nuts Closed-gear tuners Differences: Taylor 114: Laminate sapele back & sides Forward shifted […]


Martin HD-28 vs HD-35 – Which Acoustic is Better?

Today, we compare 2 powerhouse Martin acoustics…. the HD-28 vs HD-35. In your opinion, which acoustic is better? Similarities: Sitka spruce tops East Indian Rosewood back & sides Low-profile mahogany necks Ebony fingerboards w/ dot inlay 1 11/16 inch bone nuts Grover rotomatic tuners Differences: Martin HD-28: 5/16 inch (standard placement) scalloped bracing 2-piece back Price: $2,699 […]